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Our 5 Favorite (budget-friendly!) Jeep Accessories

Our first ever Jeep was both a big decision and a no-brainer. Based on our research, towing a manual transmission Jeep Wrangler is the easiest option (thats another article we havent posted yet!) but after trading in our 2016 Polaris SlingShot for a pretty basic-looking Jeep, Steph dove into retail therapy in the form of Jeep accessories. Here are some of our favorites that fit our 2014 Wrangler JK Unlimited - most are pretty universal and will fit many years and models. This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, but that does not increase the cost to you.

1. Rollbar Storage Bags

These bags are an absolute MUST-HAVE even if you dont take off the rear roof. We store the sunshade (below) in the zipper compartment on one side and the towbar chains for the

BlueOx tow system in the other - its held up without a rip, tear or mark for over a year so we cant emphasize enough how durable these bags are. No fading either in over a year of driving through Florida, Texas and Arizona sun. Outside of the zippered compartments there are several zippered and open pockets, slots for tools or pens, and straps to carry just about anything you can think of. We keep the "Door-off" mirrors (see below), a few tools and portable stools in/on the bags and there is STILL space we havent used. NOTE: These only fit a 1997-2020 4-door Jeep, they do not work with a 2-door model.

2. "Door-Off" Quick Release Mirrors

If you plan to take your doors off (and why wouldnt you?) you will need an extra set of side-view mirrors - but dont worry- they are very reasonably priced!

Once you set up the quick-release part on the Jeep, you can install and uninstall these mirrors in a few minutes. The first time you try it may take a little longer, but once you get used to how to do it and the quick-release knob is used a few times, its super-quick. The arms on the mirrors are pretty long, giving you high visibility, and the mirrors themselves are easily fully adjustable. As stated above, we store the mirrors right in the rollbar bags so they never get lost, trampled or broken.

3. Under-Seat Storage Bag

We were a bit skeptical upon ordering this bag that it would fit under the seat, but the fit is perfect. This bag, like the rollbar bags above, is super durable. After a year of use, the heavy canvas-like fabric and zippers have held up without a scratch or tear.

The bag comes with a shoulder carry-strap in case you want to pack it with things to take with you, such as snacks, phones or a small tablet. Its durable enough to keep electronics safe, and has separate zippered pockets on each side that would fit a couple of phones or a wallet. There is a sturdy handle on top which you will use to pull it out from under the seat. We keep a first aid kit, a car-laptop charger, some tie-down accessories for the back of the Jeep and some other random stuff in ours and there is room for more.

4. Front Door Storage Pockets

You may notice in your Jeep that the net-pockets on the front and back doors eventually become essentially useless. They flop around and get caught in the doors, so if you put anything in them its just a nuisance. These storage pockets provide an additional two cup/ water bottle holders and a bit of storage next to it.

They install easily and securely and withstand the opening and closing of the door without cracking or scratching. The only caveat with this product is that the one on the driver side does feel like its in the way, particularly if you have a manual transmission and use a clutch. This is likely more noticeable with a larger person. We are both shorter than average height and it occasionally feels like its in the way when shifting gears.

5. Shade Idea Sun Shade

We only use the front portion that goes across where the freedom panels come off because we do not have a place to store the hard top so we havent taken it off yet. Besides the

beautiful deep purple color, this shade provides the shade you need without losing the freedom of the wind (but not too much) in your hair.

The other cool thing is with this model, you can actually use it as a hammock. You'll have to click the link to see the details, but its very handy if you are parked at an event, a drive-in movie and need to see above the crowd... or just chillin' on the beach.

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