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Amicolola Falls, Ga

Upon entering the Amicolola Falls State Park, named for the Cherokee word for "tumbling waters", there is a large parking lot positioned in front of the main building. As you enter you will see informational displays as you walk through the gift shop filled with a plethora of selections from handmade décor to kitschy  trinkets and snacks. As you approach the counter, friendly staff will answer your questions about the 829-acre park and the 729-ft high falls;  there are a wealth of activities available depending on the season in which you visit - including camping, GPS scavenger hunts3-D archery and survivalist camp, but our schedule only allowed for a hike up the mountain to see the falls.

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Its important to note that you cannot see the falls from the parking lot, and there are actually a couple of ways to access them. In fact, if you take the trail, you will not see (or even hear) the falls until you are over halfway to the top Unbeknownst to us at the time, you do not have to walk up the mountain trail - there are steps built into the mountain on the other side of the entrance - or if you are limited physically or by time, you can park about halfway up the falls and just take the steps or the trail to the top. 


There are a few different trails you can choose from, the one we chose took us close to an hour to get to the top. If you have physical limitations, I would not suggest the main trail as there are areas where it can get slippery and its easy to stumble on tree roots. Make sure you dress in layers depending on the weather as even on a chilly day you may work up a sweat. Of course, wear at the very least comfortable shoes, but ideally shoes or boots designed for hiking. While you dont necessarily need a walking stick, it wouldnt hurt. Bringing a couple bottles of water is highly advised. If you are looking to travel light, I find this type of water bottle tote to be perfectly sized to hold your water bottle, bank cards and phone. There are bathrooms near the top where the second parking lot is and receptacles for disposing of your trash. 



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